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Welcome to WillowWood!


WillowWood has been ahead of the educational curve in recognizing from the start that one size does not fit all. At WillowWood,

  • reluctant students learn to take chances
  • students who feel rudderless are encouraged to find and engage their interests
  • kids who have felt incapable at other schools find themselves flourishing
  • anxious students become leaders
  • lonely students make friends
  • all students get a chance to relax and become themselves
  • everybody learns

    What will we bring out in your child?

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Open House Opportunities

Jan 19th: Daytime 10 -11:30

Feb 23rd: Daytime 10 -11:30

Mar 23rd: Daytime 10 - 11:30

RSVP Heather: 416 444 7644


If your family is seeking a new style of school with a strong history of inspiring students, come by for a visit. We are still accepting applications for the 2015-16 school year. Please contact Fred Howe, Principal at 416 444 7644 or email fredhowe@willowwoodschool.ca

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The Foundation Program

A unique, research-based approach to academic skill development for Primary students.

Grade 3 is the first major transition period for students in Ontario. We have designed our Grade 1 and 2 Foundation program to make the jump to upper primary easier for all children, but especially ones with unique learning styles.

If you would like to learn more about the program please contact Jill Block, Vice Principal, Lower School at 416 444 7644 or email jillb@willowwoodschool.ca

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