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Welcome to WillowWood!


WillowWood has been ahead of the educational curve in recognizing from the start that one size does not fit all. At WillowWood,

  • reluctant students learn to take chances
  • students who feel rudderless are encouraged to find and engage their interests
  • kids who have felt incapable at other schools find themselves flourishing
  • anxious students become leaders
  • lonely students make friends
  • all students get a chance to relax and become themselves
  • everybody learns

    What will we bring out in your child?

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Open House Opportunities

Jan 19th: Daytime 10 -11:30

Feb 23rd: Daytime 10 -11:30

Mar 23rd: Daytime 10 - 11:30

RSVP Heather: 416 444 7644


If your family is seeking a new style of school with a strong history of inspiring students, come by for a visit. We are still accepting applications for the 2015-16 school year. Please contact Fred Howe, Principal at 416 444 7644 or email fredhowe@willowwoodschool.ca

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WillowWood offers Summer Programming at three levels:

Camp Discovery: grades 1-6

- a mixture of learning and summer fun. Download this PDF for all details.

Leadership and Challenge Programs: grades 7-9

- skills building and personal development.
Download this PDF for all details.

High School Credit Courses

- courses in a variety of areas.
Download this PDF for all details.


Mellissa Grant (for grades 1-8)

Walid Dowdie (for high school)

416 444 7644




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